10 Healthiest Countries in the World


Samir Becic and his Health Fitness Revolution team did research and found the Healthiest Countries in the World.  With this article, we want to alert other countries globally to be more physically fit and active in order to be the healthiest they can in the 21st century.  “The wealth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of it’s people.”-Samir Becic  With this being said, Health Fitness Revolution will go into every segment of society and pick good examples in healthy lifestyle in order the create strong examples and ambassadors.

“With healthy lifestyle, we can avoid 60-70% of known illnesses.”- Samir Becic

We first researched all the available data on all the countries and narrowed it down to the top 10. We used a combination of internet, library, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.

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No. 10 France

Eiffel Tower

Life Expectancy:  81.56 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: France’s diet has long been tauted as a model for health.  Although it is indulgent, the French are notorious for small portions and well-balanced meals.  In addition, they drink a moderate amount of red wine, which is heart healthy.  Like other countries in Europe, the French walk a lot, so as a whole, they lead less sedentary lives.

No. 9 Italy

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain

Life Expectancy:  81.95 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Italian eat a Mediterranean diet that is rich in Olive Oil (Omega 3s) and fish.  The Italians are active like most European countries and also drink moderate amounts of red wine, which research has shown is good for the heart (one glass a day).

No. 8 Australia


Life Expectancy:  81.98 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Because Australia is in the middle of the ocean, importing foods can get expensive.  This is why Australians use a lot of natural foods found within their country.  In addition, Australians put a lot of emphasis on sports as part of their culture.  Most Australians surf, swim, play rugby, hike, or bike.

No.7 Switzerland

Touristic trail in the Swiss Alps
Touristic trail in the Swiss Alps

Life Expectancy:  82.28 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: The Swiss are in such great shape because they climb mountains just to get in their front door! Not only do they enjoy winter sports in the winter, but the mountains serve equally as a playground for the Swiss in the summer, for hiking and mountaineering. Unlike American ski areas that turn into ghost towns when the spring snow retreats, the Swiss take full advantage of their mountains every month of the year.

No.6 Andorra

Andorra la Vella. Andorra
Andorra la Vella. Andorra

Life Expectancy:  82.58 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Nestled in the mountain in between France and Spain, Andorra has the best of both countries, from the mediterranean diet, to the physical activities associated with being the mountains- skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

No.5 Greece

Santorini sunset
Santorini sunset

Life Expectancy:  82.98 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: The Greek live on a balanced Mediterranean diet of olive oil and fish.  In addition, they are active on the water and on the varied terrain of the country.  Remember that the Olympics started in Greece, so being active is part of their ancient culture.

No. 4 Spain

Toledo, Spain
Toledo, Spain

Life Expectancy:  83.12 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: The Spanish food stable is small portions of a varieties of foods called Tapas- which means that portion control is a way of life.  In addition to this, they partake in a daily ritual of “siesta”, a two hour nap mid-day which not only lowers stress levels but also ensure that they are getting enough rest.

No. 3 Singapore

Singapore Skyline
Singapore Skyline

Life Expectancy:  84.07 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Singapore has a fine system of keeping the environment healthy and clean. By imposting rules and regulations, the hygiene of Singaporeans is the best in the world. Secondly, most Singaporeans know that good health means wealth. They comply to rules, keep the place as clean as possible. The government is known to promoting clean and healthy environment by education, volunteering, and rules.

No.2 Japan

Tokyo , Japan
Tokyo , Japan

Life Expectancy:  84.19 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Put simply, the Japanese eat very well- they eat fish versus red meat, eat less dairy, butter, and milk, eat seaweed that is high in iodine, drink a lot of green tea, eat plenty of vegetables, and consume small portions.

No. 1 Monaco

principaute of monaco and monte carlo
principaute of monaco and monte carlo

Life Expectancy:  89.63 (2013 EST.)

Why it’s Healthy: Because most of the population of Monaco is very wealthy, they  typically have their own chef to plan healthy meals for them.  On top of this, because most are retired they have reduced levels of stress. We know that anxiety is a cause of hypertension and contributes to all sorts of disease, from gastritis of the stomach due to too much acid production and to cardio-vascular disease from the hypertension.


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  1. Looks like I am already dead. I am always anxious stressed depressed and hypertensive. I hate living in the us. Too much engine noise and annoying fake people who hate it when you say what you think. This is a lonely country. Hard to get decent organic food too. Yet plenty of crap that’s hard to resist when you’re feeling down.

  2. As a Spaniard (a quite healthy one) I am afraid that, unless you are unemployed, there’s no way anybody can enjoy a 2 hour siesta every day. What is a fact is that we sleep very little, as we go to bed pretty late.

  3. You’re missing Portugal, you won’t find “organic” written there because it is the mainstream! Clearly much healthier than Spain for example. Spain would be behind France, they are not that healthy considering poor exercise/activity, meal sizes and saturated fats, carbs and sugar (such as churros and pork meat) are very popular there.

  4. I’m bewildered by the Singapore explanation which accompanies the picture as it relates to issues not directly to do with bodily health, something I’m try to research on a personal level without much luck I have to say. It’s clear to me from info gleaned elsewhere that countries such as Japan will be high on this list, but it needs to be borne from statistics for longevity and bodily health through life to note those countries with the least incidence of chronic illnesses throughout life for example and in my research I would be looking for measurements of body fat ratio, BMI, blood analyses et al and to cross reference with eating and lifestyle statistics. From this we can reset the extremely wide BMI parameters, calorie consumption levels, examine the nutritional aspect of most consumed foodstuffs and a host of other aspects on health which in the UK (among other countries) can enable us to build a new health profile for the nation and effect regulations in the food industry which are long overdue. Otherwise, what purpose is there in just knowing this or that country is the most healthy if we are to continue denying in the lifestyle we practice?

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