Vote Healthy

People that vote.

Here at Health Fitness Revolution, we believe one of the main priorities for all politicians is to have a healthy lifestyle. We believe in the notion that a healthy body is a healthy mind. Obviously, we want our leaders to have a healthy mind. That is why in the past year, we have gone into every segment of politics in the United States and chosen the fittest politicians.

We are proud to say we are the first in this country to have done that. We rated the fittest American politicians, then we went further and found the top 100 fittest U.S. politicians. But even after this, we were not happy. We felt that we needed to go into every segment of government in order for everyone to see how serious we are about this. That’s why my team at Health Fitness Revolution created a list of the top fittest governors in America, the top 10 fittest senators, and top 10 fittest mayors in the U.S.  Again, we were not satisfied. So we created a list of the top 10% fittest Congressmen.


According to Samir Becic, founder of HFR, “I’m not saying that politicians should be athletes, but rather they need to incorporate healthy lifestyle in his or her daily routine because nothing fights stress, especially the stress that politicians experience, like a healthy lifestyle. These leaders have access to the masses through the laws and their presence in media, which can motivate people into changing their nutrition for the better and being more physically active.”


Becic believes health is essential to the success of our nation, as past presidents have often pointed out.

John F. Kennedy said, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

George W. Bush also stated, “Exercise is so important that corporate American should help its employees make time. There should be flextime for families, and there should be flextime for exercise. A healthy workforce is a more productive work force. We have got to do a better job of encouraging exercise in America.”

Therefore, we encourage all voters to motivate their favorite politicians to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that they can be great examples to our children (there is currently a 34% obesity rate among children, and an increasing rate of Type II diabetes) and for our nation, which has over 70% of Americans overweight. Every year, approximately 360,000 Americans die each year due to obesity-related diseases.

Bottom line: VOTE HEALTHY!