10 Health Benefits of Eating a Raw Diet

raw diet

Ever thought about going raw for a week? Maybe to shed off some of that weight or fat? Whatever it is, eating a raw food diet has shown numerous health benefits that aren’t just related to weight loss. This isn’t a typical ‘diet’ , it’s a lifestyle that promotes eating foods in their natural state. Are you ready to take a part in the raw food revolution? Celebrities everywhere have participated in the revolution and have experienced positive health benefits from it! Let’s take a look at Top 10 benefits of eating a raw diet:

Control blood pressure:

Eating a raw diet is normally low in sodium which can help lower stroke risk, heart failure, and stomach cancer.

Lose weight:

Most of the foods in a raw diet are low in calories, fat, and sodium. Keeping the weight off is key and can help prevent type 2 diabetes. One study found that people who followed a raw food diet lost a significant amount of weight.

Kills enzymes:

Enzymes help digest food. Your body creates enzymes which uses up a lot of energy. This process causes the fatigue we all feel after eating big cooked meal. The more enzymes your body produces, the quicker you age. Eating foods raw preserves more of these food-based enzymes and that supposedly helps us digest and absorb our food better.

Readily absorbed nutrients:

Most of what you eat in the diet are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease-fighting chemicals. As a result, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and growing sprouts are all alkalizing and cleansing to the body.

Strong immune system:

Most vegetables that are edible raw are very colorful and loaded with vitamin C like carrots, avocados, kale, and mushrooms.

Clearer skin:

Some supporters say that raw foods can improve skin’s appearance by lowering inflammation in the body.

May help prevent cancer:

Broccoli, when eaten raw, contains an anti-cancer and blood pressure lowering a compound called sulfurophane. In addition, garlic is another vegetable with enhanced cancer-fighting properties when eaten raw. Raw garlic is associated with reduced risk of developing lung cancer.

Raises pH level:

The raw food diet is high in alkalinity which helps create balance within our bodies by facilitating the uptake of nutrients and oxygen from the blood. A raw diet is loaded with antioxidants which protects our cells from toxins. Furthermore, as you keep eating raw, your body will correct its pH balance level naturally.

Prevents and cures constipation:

Because raw foods are usually high in fiber, it helps the stool become bulky allowing it to pass through the digestive system easily.

Gives you more energy:

If you don’t have enough enzymes, your body won’t have the energy to fight off infections or digest food. By feeding your body raw foods, you are literally feeding your body energy! This energy can help heal your body.


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