10 Immediate Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking


Long gone are the days of the smoker’s section, and social acceptance of smoking that used to have a stronghold on the world before the mid-2000s. While the battle against nicotine seems to be almost defeated, there are still many people in the population who indulge in smoking. Whether you’re a social smoker or a chronic one, it is imperative to put a halt to this detrimental habit. While you’ve probably heard every reason possible to be motivated to quit, here’s an extra push from Health Fitness Revolution’s team – here are the 10 Immediate Health benefits when you give up smoking. 

Heart Rate begins to Drop

From the time of your first drag on a cigarette to the last, one of the immediate physiological effects is an increase in heart rate. The heart needs oxygen-rich blood to function properly. When you smoke, the bloodstream becomes flooded with carbon monoxide. When this happens the heart needs to beat faster to receive that oxygen-rich blood. When you stop, your heart rate begins to drop

Reduce Risk of Stroke 

A stroke, at any age, can be extremely harmful and even fatal to an individual. A myriad of chemicals including, but not limited to, formaldehyde, arsenic, and cyanide are found in cigarettes. Allowing these chemicals into your body alters and damages all types of cells in your body. These changes the chemicals do to the body’s cells is what increases your chances of stroke. After smoking, you reduce your risk. 

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Carbon Monoxide Levels Begin to Drop 

Cigarettes raise levels of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream. When you stop smoking and your heart rate begins to drop, the levels of carbon monoxide drop as well. As soon as you stop smoking the levels begin to regulate

Blood Circulation Improves 

With a reduced heart rate, your heart is able to receive and disperse more oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. With all of the carbon monoxide leaving the bloodstream as well it provides the opportunity for your blood to circulate properly with less effort. 

Reduce your Risk of Heart Attack

A heart attack can be fatal. Not only is it a major health episode, but the long-lasting effects of a damaged heart can affect the heart’s ability to pump blood, and keep a stable rhythm and can even lead to other disorders in the body. When you quit smoking you reduce your chances of a heart attack. That alone seems like the perfect reason to quit. 

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Save Money

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around $6. While $6 a day might not seem like a major dent, with a habit of a pack a day that can cost you about $42 a week and $2,184 a year. In the long run you are not only sparing your body from the effects of smoking but you are also giving your wallet a break. 

Airways begin to Heal 

Your lungs contain cilia, little hair-like structures, on the outside of the cells to help transport bacteria and mucus to the back of the throat where they are swallowed. When you smoke the cilia is damaged and your ability to clear mucus becomes impaired. Quitting smoking allows the cilia to regrow and improve your airways

Oxygen Levels Improve

With the carbon monoxide levels diminishing as you quit smoking, your oxygen levels begin to improve

Improved Taste and Smell 

All of the chemicals found in cigarettes cause so much damage to your body. One of the most prominent effects is the nerve damage done to the mouth and nose. When you quit smoking the nerve damage begins to repair itself resulting in an improved sense of taste and smell. 

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Lung Function Improves 

When the quality of oxygen and cilia improves, your lung function improves as well. Not only does your breathing improve, your lung capacity follows suit. This leads to a better quality of life, the ability to increase your exercise capacity and not become fatigued as quickly.

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