10 Ways To Digital Detox


We live in a world where being digitally connected is a necessity in our everyday lives. We’re able to contact our friends from the other side of the world and even receive last minute breaking news in a matter of seconds. The world is literally at our fingertips. Although you may not think being glued to your electronic device has an affect on your health, it does, in fact, it affects both your physical and mental health.  Social anxiety disorder, insomnia, headaches, and eye strain are just a few of negative outcomes that come along with being digitally connected at all times. It’s time to do a digital clense!

Here are a few ways to reduce the issues that arise with being in a digital demanding world and help you live a healthier lifestyle by digitally detoxing:

  • Go out and be social in person

You’re able to strengthen your social skills and studies show that most influential conversations happen face-to-face.

  • Pick up a newspaper instead of scrolling down your timeline for news

Yes, newspaper print copies are still a thing and many of them are free or cost a low fee. Not only will you gain major points in looking edgy with a print copy of newspaper but also have a higher chance of finishing the article instead of being distracted by that notification on your phone midway through your reading.

  • Charge your phone away from your bed

We’ve all been there. You’re dozing off and them BAM! You get that unexpected text at 3 a.m. that you just have to respond to. By having your phone away from your bed you’ll have a less likely chance to get up to respond to those late night texts.

  • Work out with no music

Whether it’s at the park or at the gym working out with no music will allow you to analyze problems in your everyday life better since you’re not distracted by singing that catchy Bruno Mars tune.

  • Make a bet

What better way to follow through with something than involving money. No one wants to lose money and by making a bet over whoever can survive the longest without being hooked to your digital device or having to pay the bill for whoever uses their phone at dinner with a friend, co-worker, family member you’ll surely be more likely to stick through with your digital detoxing.

  • Don’t take a selfie, look in the mirror.

You’re always criticizing yourself over those selfies you take that you swear your phone’s camera is out to get you. Take a break from them and look in the mirror instead. You’ll improve your self-esteem by accepting your looks. Not only will you stop using your phone as much but when you start taking those selfies again you’ll know all your perfect angles!

  • Go see a live production

Why not go out and support your local community artists and see a play or a musical once in a while instead of sitting on the couch binge watching that Netflix series everyone is talking about. You’ll get to see amazing productions and its cast in their rawest form. LIVE! Who knows you may even spot the next Angelina Jolie in your local theater.

  • Take a break from Social Media                                                                                

By deleting your social media from your phone you’re more likely to not be as attached to it and wanting to check your Twitter timeline every 2 minutes.

  • Pick up a hobby

Most of us are always on our digital devices because there’s nothing else better to do when we have free time. Why not pick up a hobby such as volunteering, learning to play a musical instrument or playing chess. By filling up your free time with activities digital detoxing will occur without you even knowing.

  • Just turn off your phone

I know, it’s hard to not be on your phone constantly but just turn it off and you’ll see the world in a different way! Trust us when we say that you’ll be in a more positive and eager mood after the first minutes or thinking it’s impossible to turn off your phone for a whole day.

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