10 Ways For College Students to Have Fun During Covid-19


As students enter the midst of their fall semester, they are desperately seeking ways to have fun outside of the realm of their online learning experience. Maintaining respective schools’ or state-wide guidelines that confine students to groups of limited sizes poses social challenges, however finding creative ways to engage in exciting activities is as important as ever. In an effort to help students fill their free time with enjoyment and battle boredom, we have created a list of 10 activities college students can do to have fun as COVID-19 persists.

  • Take a nature walk: Staying inside all day staring at your computer screen can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Make an effort to get outdoors, and find a nature path, whether that be local or a short drive away. Invite some friends, and take the time to appreciate nature.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard: As the leaves begin to change colors and the weather shifts, fall activities are added to the list of outdoor socializing opportunities. Grab a group of friends, and find a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Come home with fresh goodies that will make the perfect snack or ingredient in a recipe. 
  • Go to a drive-in movie theater: With a lack of nightlife on college campuses, a drive-in movie theater can be the perfect activity to have a fun night while following Covid-19 protocol. Gather a group of friends or a date and load your car with popcorn. If you can’t find one located near you, try to create your own theater at home, using a sheet and projector!
  • Have a picnic: Rather than solely eating meals in the dining hall or your kitchen, find a spot where you and your friends can have a picnic. Search for a nearby park or walk over to your campus quad, and pack your favorite takeout food or a homemade meal. Have a weekend brunch to get in some sunlight, or enjoy a dinner under the sunset. 
  • Pick up a new arts and crafts activity: Arts and crafts are not only a fun outlet for young children, but can be a great activity for a group of creative college students. Team up with friends and work on an art project that is meaningful to you. It can be painting a poster or piece of furniture for your college apartment or house, or customizing feel- good cards to send to your friends. Get creative and think outside of the box!
  • Find an outdoor or rooftop restaurant: Look into the creative ways restaurants near you are increasing seating capacity by utilizing unique outdoor spaces. Get a group of friends together, and bond over good food and outdoor ambiance.
  • Find a new local business: With online classes and the cancelation of in-person activities, students have more free time to explore their local communities, whether that be their college or home town. As small businesses continue to struggle, take a chance to support a new local business. Whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or boutique, don’t be afraid to try something new. Who knows, it might end up being your new go-to!
  • Go camping: With no in-person obligations during the week, the weekends can often blend in. If you have a weekend free of studying, disconnect from technology, and go camping with a group of friends. Look for a campsite near you, and enjoy cooking, roasting marshmallows, and tons of outdoor activities.
  • Explore a new area near you: Being a college student during COVID-19 can leave you confined to your small college or home town. Make time to explore a nearby town, hiking trail, scenic area, or anywhere that seems enticing near you. Bring a group of friends (or dog) along and find your new favorite spot!
  • Try out a new recipe: As fall flavors begin taking the shelves at grocery stores, search for unique ingredients to try in a new recipe. Dedicate some time to replicating your grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie, perfecting a homemade pumpkin spice latte or cooking a meal for your household.

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