Astrodome for Healthy Houston

Houston Astrodome

When the Astrodome was built in 1964, it was ahead of it’s time.  With it’s avant-garde circular architecture, it’s grandiose size, and enormous seating capacity, it became the inspiration of several dome stadiums that followed in it’s footsteps.  Houston had what was coined the “Eighth Wonder of the World” at the time.


Now fast forward 4 decades, to the opening of the new Reliant stadium and the official closing of the Astrodome by fire marshalls- what now lays in Houston is a skeleton, a memory of the greatness it once was.   What now lays in its place is a huge, abandoned structure filled with possibilities and potential.  Equipped with large locker rooms, training rooms, offices, and a football sized field, all of which would be perfect for its continued use as a sports facility.


The Health & Fitness Revolution is aiming to repurpose the inactive Astrodome to promote a healthy and active Houston!


Since 2006, the Astrodome has been inactive and we believe it would make the perfect facility for learning about healthy lifestyle and active recreation.  Considering that everything is bigger in Texas, this would be the perfect opportunity for Texas to once again put it’s stamp on the world by housing the largest health and fitness institute!


Texas still represents the land where  all dreams can come true!


“With all this being said, Houstonians and Texans, we need your support in order for this petition to make a difference.  By signing this petition, you are not only supporting the “Eight Wonder of the World” staying in tact, but also the enormous possibility to make this monumental building a key solution to the issues of obesity and childhood diabetes Type II in Houston.  It is our duty to do whatever it takes to make our children healthy and fit- the Astrodome, can be, will be, and should be, the symbol of this.” – Samir


With healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and mental balance, we can control, manage, or completely avoid 60-70% of illnesses.


Please sign the petition here: Astrodome for Healthy Houston!



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