20 Items You Should Be Getting


In order to be healthy and fit, exercise is crucial.  However, another component, just as important as exercise, is what we consume nutritionally.  The Health Fitness Revolution team has put together a simple list of Top 20 items that should be in your fridge and pantry in 2014.  With physical activity, healthy nutrition, and mental balance, we can manage, control, or completely avoid 60-70% of known illnesses. Here are 20 Items You Should Be Getting:


1. Coconut water


2. Avocados


3. 100% whole grain wheat bread


4. Apples


5. Spinach


6. Almond butter


7. Greek yogurt


8. Plain oatmeal (no sugar!)


9. 70% of more cacao Dark Chocolate


10. 100% whole grain wheat pasta


11. Almond milk


12. Green tea


13. Lemons


14. Lean meats


15. Fish


16. Frozen berries for smoothies


17. Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts)


18. Free range eggs


19. Herbs and spices instead of salt


20. Tofu (Disclaimer: The scientific community is split on whether soy products are good or bad for health, with half of studies praising soy products and the other half disagreeing- we will let you decide for yourself how you feel about them.)



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