If you frequent this site well enough you may have noticed a certain person’s name popping up regularly. That name is Samir Becic, his name often accompanied with a link to his biography on ReSync Fitness and his many established accolades. Either way, you get it – the guy’s a big deal to Health Fitness Revolution, and he truly is, being our founder and all. We all want to wish Samir Becic Happy Birthday!

[Be prepared, readers: Testimonials incoming]

But, cliche to say, Samir’s not just the founder. Not just your ordinary guy. Granted most ordinary guys aren’t fitness gurus with the awards to back it up (and if they do, how many want to start a revolution based on health and fitness and start a magazine to boot?), but hear me out.

The day I did walk into the office for my interview, however, I was greeted by this man who was so happy, so excited, so energetic and optimistic  you could have easily mistaken him for having a the soul of a very playful black labrador retriever. It threw me back a bit and I played it cool; I played to his energy and it wasn’t long before I stopped playing completely. I stopped playing the role all of us have boxed ourselves into while on the job hunt; I stopped trying to appeal, I just became me.

And that’s how easy it was to be around Samir. In a matter of minutes I was acquainted to this interesting, charming personality who had  wonderfully uninhibited, purely altruistic and well-intentioned ambitions. As my boss, naturally he wants results, he wants numbers, he wants progress. But as a person, he’s not just boss stereotype Alpha with a capital A. He wants the best out of each of us. He wants to show us we are the future, we are what’s coming for this world.

We’re a room full of twenty-somethings, already used to the confines of American capitalism and selling our labor for survival. We’re free, but bound; too young to be adults, too old to be children; we’re stuck in a limbo demanding the next forty years of our life be dedicated to being productive members of society before we can cash out our 401k retirement plan, and hopefully we won’t have some chronic illness to stop us from fulfilling the bucket list.

But with Samir, with his half-hour-to-an-hour-long pep talks, of lifting ourselves up, of being examples to the children behind us, I see my future not as how am I going to find financial stability and personal freedom, but I can do what I want. I can chart my path. I can accomplish whatever I want to accomplish. And I mean something. I matter. My values, my experiences, my being . . . matters.

If you ever need a motivational speaker, pick Samir. If you ever need a puppy to boost you up from bed and get you on the morning job, pick Samir. Just pick Samir. Samir Becic 2k16.

Happy birthday, boss. Sincerely, your stand-in editor, Kathleen.

Here are some more Happy Birthday wishes to Samir from the HFR team:

ThinkstockPhotos-183709372Naomi: Samir, you are a passionate and motivated person who will stop at nothing to help those around you. I admire that you not only see the best in people, but you aspire to always bring it out of them. You’ve inspired countless people, saved many lives (both physically and metaphorically), and continue to make this world a better place. I feel truly privileged to be able watch and learn from you everyday as a mentor. Happy Birthday!!

Shinel: Samir is one of the sweetest most genuine person I have ever met. I’ve worked with him for over six months now, and there hasn’t been a single day yet where he walks in the room and does not have a smile on his face. Samir has a kind of presence that can instantly light up a room. His enthusiasm and drive to make a change in this world is truly contagious. Samir, I admire your work and you are greatly appreciated for what you do. I hope you have an awesome birthday!

Valeria: Samir, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. So far I have enjoyed every single day with your energetic way of being and learned so much from your passion and dedication.  This is a great experience I will carry along with me for my whole life. You make a difference in people’s life and I appreciate everything you do. Have a wonderful Birthday Samir!

Imani: It is so hard to come by a person that commits wholeheartedly to making a difference in the world. Samir is probably one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met.  He not only tries to impact the people that he interacts with daily, but also people who he may never meet.  While interning at HFR I have felt more than accepted and welcome here and I believe that Samir is to thank for that.  He has a way of making a person feel that their opinion and feelings are appreciated whatever they may be.  I admire him for his integrity and that he applies passion in everything that he says and does! Happy Birthday Samir!

Tazz: Working with Samir has truly been an amazing experience. No matter what time or what day, he always come in with so much energy. It’s like he just never gets tired; he’s always working hard towards a new goal and that’s an extremely admiring quality. However, no matter how much he’s achieved in his life, I appreciate his open-mindedness and acceptance of the opinions of each person he speaks to. Samir has created a welcoming and comforting energy at HFR and interning here has been an experience unlike any other. Happy Birthday Samir! Today, we celebrate the birth of a great nation and a great man.

Claire F: Samir is easily the most enthusiastic person I have ever met. No matter what, he always seems to be bursting with energy, making for one of the most exciting work environments I have ever experienced. His passion is infectious, he makes sure every member of the team feels valued, and I am so grateful to work with him at HFR and to contribute to his dream of a healthier world. Happy Birthday, Samir!! You’ve accomplished so much as a leader in the fight for a fitter society.

Claire B: Samir is a great guy and an awesome boss. The workspace at HFR is extremely inclusive and I have always felt that my thoughts & opinions have been considered & valued. Samir truly cares about everyone around him and in the world at large. He treats others with love and respect and he deserves the same in response, especially given all he’s accomplished as an athlete, a trainer, and a leader in health & fitness. Happy birthday Samir!

Jasmyn: Samir, from you I have learned to always speak my mind and be passionate. Your demeanor speaks true success and happiness. Happy Birthday to you and may your day be full of blessings and smiles. There’s nothing like a smile to start off your day.

Shanay: Samir is such a great boss! His enthusiasm and passion is contagious! I love working for him because I truly feel that he wants the best for each and every one of his interns. I am definitely glad I was chosen to intern here at HFR. I have a had a great experience so far and Samir is to thank for that for sure. Happy Birthday!!!

Connor: He’s a nice guy to work for and always demands the best of us, Happy Birthday Samir!
Danielle: It’s been such an amazing experience to work along side with Samir for the past few weeks. Samir has such an vibrant and contagious spirit that rubs off on everyone around. I was nervous going into this internship on what was to come but it has been such a joy to work with someone who’s so passionate about not only his health, but the health and well being of our entire nation. Thank you Samir for your respect, advice, and this spectacular experience! Happy Birthday!

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