The 2016 Fitness Race: Hillary Clinton


The 2016 Presidential election might be more than a year away, but the next presidential hopefuls are already coming to the forefront. The President of the U.S. is not only the leader of the free democratic world, but also an example to us, our children, and indeed the rest of the world. Because of this, presidents have a moral and ethical responsibility to serve as a good example – and this extends to the way they live their lives as well.

“The president’s job is a very stressful one that requires him or her to be on duty 24/7. The stress that they are exposed to can affect their health so drastically that if they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, they can be subjected to any number of chronic illnesses – both physical and mental,” said HFR Founder Samir Becic. We are noticing an increase in healthy and fit heads of state in other countries who are becoming dominant world leaders. With this article we hope to make sure that our future president is healthy and fit in order to improve this country, so that it can continue to be a dominant force in the world for decades to come.

“Our future president will have much more competition than the previous presidents because of where the modern world is heading – and against other leaders whose views differ, such as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.” – Samir Becic

With this being said, HFR is politically neutral and not affiliated with any political party.

Here at Health Fitness Revolution, we did a combination of research on each of these politicians through various interviews, internet sources, library, industry literature and videos. This project was led by HFR founder Samir Becic, who is a leader in the industry and has knowledge and experience of over two decades as a health and fitness professional, coupled with his experience as a four-time No. 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.

Hopefully this motivates these presidential hopefuls to improve their nutrition, fitness and advocacy about healthy lifestyle in the next couple years – who knows, maybe in our next report card, we can give out all A’s!




(Note: Previous grade was C+,B)

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to politics and presidential elections. She first stood by her husband, President Bill Clinton, when he ran in the 1990s (he also made our Fittest American Politicians list). Hillary recently ran for the presidency herself in 2008 and many believe she is poised to run again in 2016. Being a major political figure, it is important that she maintains a healthy lifestyle. She stays fit by working out 3-4 times a week, does yoga and water aerobics. Working out is just one of the things she does to stay fit, and Hillary also aims to eat a balanced diet mainly consisting of fish and veggies with little starches, one influenced by her husband’s healthy lifestyle changes. In a recent interview, she told Katie Couric that she eats hot peppers regularly to keep her metabolism up and boost her immune system. She also likes to snack on Boca Burgers in between meals and says she drinks as much water as she possibly can and cuts out diet sodas altogether. While she takes vitamins and opts for tea instead of coffee, Clinton admits that eating healthy on the road is impossible.

Samir’s Report and Recommendations: A woman her age that has a BMI over 25 can have future problems with coronary and cerebrovascular disease, arthritis, hip-fractures, and diabetes. I recommend that she increase the intensity of her workouts. To help deal with her stress and improve her sleep quality, which is a crucial element of healthy lifestyle, she should also take some time for herself everyday. She should aim to eat light dinners, which also improve sleep quality, and will help her feel more rested upon waking. Because she is known to like burgers, both veggie and beef, I would recommend that she eat them in moderation. Even if they appear to be healthy, they are still high in fat and calories. I like that she promotes a healthy lifestyle to American society!

Update: Considering that she admits to having a problem eating healthy on the road, my recommendation to her is to read this article on the best foods for a roadtrip. Also, based on an interview I saw from January 2015, she looks more vibrant, energetic and slimmer (which is why her grade improved from a C+ to B to B+).

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