3rd Week/130lbs: Samir Becic Increases Vest Weight

vest weight

For the third consecutive week, Samir Becic is wearing additional weight to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic in the United States. This week he upped the vest weight to 130lbs, for a living weight of 500lbs. He is on the track to break a world record.

Samir started the challenge earlier this month by donning a 50lb vest. At first, he wore all the weight in an over-the-shoulder vest. Now, he’s strapped 130lbs to his ankles, wrists, waist, shoulders, and chest.

Living With Obesity

The challenge is pushing Samir to the limit of his pain tolerance. He’s documented his mental and physiological distress via Facebook live videos and plans to continue upping the weight. He is coping with aches in his shoulders and back.

Samir is undertaking the challenge to draw attention to morbid obesity. Currently, 1 in 3 US adults are obese and 6% are extremely obese. Living with obesity shortens lifespan by 6 1/2 years and disrupts daily life. It makes movement difficult and exercise a serious challenge.

By wearing the extra weight, Samir is empathizing with obese people. Few health professionals know the challenges and burdens of morbid obesity. Samir hopes to understand the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle while obese. He is also showing that you can exercise and make healthy choices. He’s continuing his daily workouts.

So show Samir your support as he attempts to push on for a Guinness World Record!

Here is a video of him training with the extra weight:

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