8 Healthy Coping Mechanisms


Coping is an important mechanism for us to get over pain, defeat, uncertainty, and things out of our control. It gives us the ability to seek solutions to apply to stressful or high demand situations. For instance, if someone ever asked you “how are you coping,” then they want to know how are you dealing with the situation you are in.  There are many types of coping mechanisms that have health benefits and strengths.

Meditation: Meditation is a practice of finding your inner peace. There are multiple meditation techniques such as yoga, breathing, counting to 10, or sitting Indian style to let your thoughts pass through. It can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and relax your muscles. For more info on meditation, read our article Top 10 Health Benefits of Meditation.

Exercise/Physical Activity: Exercise/Physical Activity help maintain a healthy weight, prevent excess weight and obesity, prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce stress, and improve breathing.

Getting Adequate Sleep: Getting sufficient sleep helps improve our brain function by flushing out toxins that build up while we were awake. While sleeping, your body is relaxed, and once you wake up you have a clear mind and thought process. Click here to read more on the benefits of getting good sleep.

Talking With Someone: Talking to someone does not only mean with a professional counselor/therapist. Talking with someone who you feel comfortable with, like a family member or friend, can help you cope with stress.  It gives you the opportunity to seek advice or just have a listening ear. We often find ourselves lost in our thoughts and replaying situations over and over. As a coping mechanism, this can improve your social skills.

Writing: When our thoughts are stuck in one place it becomes hard to make sense of it all. Writing things out on paper helps make thoughts more clear. To start writing, all you have to do is put your pen to your paper and write the first word that comes to mind. Once you start writing, you will relieve your mind of so much that was bottled in.

Eating Healthy: Sometimes we find ourselves “eating our feelings away” because eating is one of our biggest coping mechanisms. It is not a bad coping style unless you overeat or eat too little. Eating healthy can prevent weight gain or loss, ensure that you receive adequate nutrients, maintain focus, and fight fatigue. For tips on eating healthy, visit American Heart Association.

Adult Coloring: Yes, adult coloring is a great coping mechanism. There are many books that can be found in your grocery stores and online. Coloring is a soothing mechanism that keeps you focused. Sometimes words cannot express our thoughts, but colors can. Purchase your  CALM THE (WHOA) DOWN coloring book today.

Alone Time: Under the right circumstances, stepping away from everything allows you to make peace with what is going on. You have time to think, relax and focus on what is going on around you or through your mind.  It is okay to have some time away from everybody or everything and focus on yourself. Those 10 or 30 minutes or even a full day can relax your mind, body, and soul.

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