Best Time of Day To Exercise and Prevent Weight Gain


“What time should I workout today?” That’s usually a question we all ask ourselves each day. For optimal fat-burning results,┬áresearch has indicated that the best time of day to exercise and squeeze in a workout could be in the early morning hours before you have had breakfast. Doing exercise in a fasted state allows the body to burn more fat and prevent excess weight gain compared to working out at other times.

In one study, researchers compared the weight gain of three groups of participants, all eating the same diet and calorie intake: one that exercised before breakfast, one that exercised after having breakfast, and one that did not exercise at all. After six weeks, the group that did not exercise had gained about six pounds, while the group that exercised after eating breakfast added about three pounds. But the group that exercised on no breakfast had no weight gain.

So if fat-burning or weight loss is your goal, try setting your alarm a little earlier in the morning, and get your workout before you eat the first meal of the day.

Information gathered from New York Times.

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