Blood Type Is Connected to Diabetes Risk


We all know that genetics, unhealthy lifestyle and bad nutrition can play a role in one’s risk for developing type II diabetes. But one new study has revealed that blood type can also be an indicator for diabetes risk.

Researchers with France’s Center for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health found that of the 82,000 study participants, those with blood type A, B and AB have a 35% higher risk for type II diabetes. Those with the universal type O, however, had a much lower risk compared to others. In fact, those with B+ blood were at a 35% increased risk compared to those who were O-.

According to the study report on Science Daily, “the reasons behind the association are currently unknown, but could be related to a number of factors: it has been suggested that the human ABO locus might influence endothelial or inflammation markers. ABO grouping is also associated with various molecules known to be connected to T2D, and a recent paper concluded that ABO grouping is a factor which determines the overall gut microbe composition, which in turn affects metabolism and thus could be related to T2D.”

Read more on the study from Science Daily.

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