Bosnian President Izetbegovic removed from Fittest Heads of State 2017 list


After careful consideration, Health Fitness Revolution has decided to remove Bosnian President (member of the Bosnian Presidency) Bakir Izetbegovic from our 2017 list of the Fittest Heads of State. In an interview on Face TV, President Izetbegovic was asked about his inclusion on our list by prominent European and Balkan journalist Senad Hadzifejzovic where he denied being fit and physically active.

Our lists take many factors into consideration, with 25% of our final decision being based on health and fitness promotion. We would not have accepted President Izetbegovic on the list if our team didn’t do extensive research that incorporated also contacting people who are familiar with his fitness routine and lifestyle. His inclusion was originally based on a wide array of interviews and media reports where the President was portrayed as living a healthy lifestyle.

All the leaders on our list are not only personally fit but also promote a healthy lifestyle. By President Izetbegovic (member of the Bosnian Presidency) denying his healthy lifestyle, he leaves us no choice but to remove him from this year’s list. Considering that he already takes care of his health, he has the opportunity to make our list next year, however, he would need to be more proactive in his promotion of health and fitness to the Bosnian people. With around 65% of Bosnians being overweight, and 25% obese, it’s crucial that the leader of the country promote fitness to stop this growing statistic!

HFR founder Samir Becic discusses the process “To be healthy and fit is very responsible, progressive, and positive in every aspect, especially for world leaders who are under a tremendous amount of stress. From a social standpoint, if Mr. Izetbegovic motivated his constituents to lead a healthy lifestyle, it would increase work ethic, creativity, dynamism, and positivity within the country… At the same time, the Bosnian citizens being healthier and fitter would decrease health care costs tremendously, which could really benefit a struggling Bosnian economy. I’m disappointed because I was really excited that someone from Bosnia was able to make the list, especially since this list makes world news every year and Bosnia could benefit from being promoted in a positive light!”

Here is President Izetbegovic’s original profile on our list:

Bakir Izetbegović, 60 – Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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