Building a Full Workout Outfit with Lululemon Dupes from Amazon

Cute and quality workout clothes don't have to be expensive!

The best part of working out is shopping and wearing cute outfits! If you haven’t worked out for a while and are getting back into it, the best motivation is a cute new workout set. But, buying a good pair of leggings or a new bra can cost anywhere from $50-$100 at a high-end store. Buying clothes that help you feel good while you burn some calories shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg –you’ll need them to do your workouts! One of the most iconic workout clothing retailers is Lululemon and although their clothing is really good quality, sometimes there’s just no good justification for even buying a sports bra from them. Having carefully gone and looked through the reviews for each of these dupes to determine which is the perfect dupe to those iconic Lululemon pieces, we’ve built a whole outfit using these dupes from Amazon for an affordable price! 

Icyzone Strappy Padded Bra

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No workout set is complete without a bra that is both supportive and cute! Lululemon’s Free to be Wild bra is a cute strappy-backed bra that is great for doing yoga and some reviews even say that it even works for lifting! But, the bra retails for $58 online, and they only have a limited size range. However, this amazon dupe, Icyzone Strappy Padded Bra, retails for $11.79-$17.99 and has a wide range of sizes and colors! 

CRZ Strappy Back Yoga Tank

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When it’s hot outside or you just want a nice form-fitting top to run in or do yoga, a nice compression tank top is perfect! It provides the perfect amount of support while doing a heavy duty workout, but it can also be the perfect light-weight piece of cloth for doing a yoga or pilates workout. Lululemon’s Power-Y compression fit tank top is one of their most popular pieces and is currently retailing for $52, but CRZ Strappy Back Yoga Tank is an amazing dupe and is only $22. It comes in 7 colors and is rated very highly on Amazon.

CRZ YOGA’s Long Sleeved Shirt

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While working out in the winter months, if you get hot easily, but still want to stay warm enough, a long-sleeved top is usually what you’ll reach for. Lululemon’s Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve is the perfect mix of compression but light weight. It’s breathable while still retaining enough heat to keep you warm on your early morning winter run. However, the only downside to this top is the price. It retails for $78 and has 9 color options to choose from. If you want these qualities in a long-sleeved shirt, look no farther than CRZ YOGA’s long sleeved shirt! It incorporates the same soft material to create a compression long-sleeved shirt and even has the same thumb holes as the Swiftly Tech but for almost a third of the price! 

CRZ’s High-Waisted Yoga Pants

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Lululemon is most known for their soft, buttery leggings that are supposed to feel so lightweight and breathable that it feels like you’re wearing nothing. Then Lululemon’s Align leggings are for you. But, if you don’t want to spend anywhere from $58 to upwards of $118, then look to Amazon for this insane dupe! CRZ’s High-Waisted Yoga Pants from their Naked Feelings collection is only $24-$28 and they have 37 different colors and patterns to choose from. Much like Lululemon, they offer these leggings in different leg lengths as well as biker shorts. The reviews for these leggings boast the same buttery soft feeling but for a much cheaper price!

90 Degrees by Reflex’s High-Waisted Power Flex Leggings

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Much like the Align leggings, Wunder Unders were also made for yoga, however, they boast a more durable feel with the same soft material. They have also recently been gaining more attention as one of Lululemon’s most iconic leggings. However, for $88-$128, they are quite expensive. So, if you want a cheaper alternative that boasts similar reviews to that of Lululemon’s Wunder Unders, then look no further than Amazon. 90 Degrees by Reflex’s High-Waisted Power Flex Leggings are the closest dupe that has been found. For $25-$35, you can get a variety of colors and patterns. 

CRZ YOGA’s Quick-Dry Shorts

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Some of the most iconic articles of workout clothing include Nike shorts and as of recently, Lululemon’s Hotty Hot Shorts. They’re baggy and made of the same breathable material as the rest of their clothing. It’s a cute pair of shorts to wear on a quick trip to the grocery store or for a long run. But, instead of paying $58 for those shorts, CRZ YOGA’s Quick-Dry Shorts are $24 and offer the same soft material and the same iconic shape. 

90 Degrees by Reflex Running Jacket

Nobody wants to be running outside wearing a big bulky sweatshirt or a thick jacket that is constricting your movement. In order to solve this problem, Lululemon created their Define Jacket that is lightweight and doesn’t constrict your movement while also keeping you super warm. But, for $118, the price is a bit steep. So, 90 Degrees by Reflex made a dupe that is $39.99 and is available in 17 different colors and patterns. 

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