Chuck Norris Man of the Year 2015


Every year we recognize the man and woman who have made the biggest contribution to healthy lifestyle in the US. This year, we name martial arts legend Chuck Norris as our choice for “Man of The Year 2015.” The action movie star is also a major promoter of healthy lifestyle and has done so much to encourage kids to be active. He has inspired confidence in generations of Texas children with his dojos and martial arts competitions, and has been active in promoting a healthy diet and balanced nutrition on social media.

A Martial Arts Hero Gives Back To Texas Children

Norris’s Kickstart Kids Program, which has been instructing kids in the martial arts since 1993, has had a tremendous impact on students’ physical education, discipline, moral conduct, and has given them a path to success. HFR founder Samir Becic was happy to participate as a Kickstart Kids tournament judge. “Chuck Norris is not only a martial arts legend and Hollywood action start, but he is a man who understands community and does whatever it takes to make his community a better place to be. He is one of the rare athletes who reached the greatest heights of competitive success with only natural means, and I cannot overstate the respect I have for this man.”

Chuck Norris and HFR founder Samir Becic
Chuck Norris and HFR founder Samir Becic

Chuck is an Air Force veteran who was stationed in Korea in 1958. This was his first exposure to martial arts, and started a life-long dedication and legacy that continues to this day. Norris founded the Chun Kuk Do, or “Universal Way,” martial arts form, and went on to  star alongside the likes of Bruce Lee in a storied film and TV career. His martial arts highlights include:

  • 6 Year World Professional Middleweight Karate Champion
  • Tournament Record: 183-10-2
  • Won Over 30 Tournaments

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