Coming Soon: Top 20 Fittest TV Personalities in Texas 2015


It’s that time of year- again! Over the past few months, we having been researching and curating a list of the Top Fittest TV Personalities in Texas cities- the major cities. We are now working to narrow down our lists to crown the Top 20 Fittest TV Personalities in Texas! These individuals all play a key role in their viewers daily lives and we want to reward them for playing their part in making Texas a healthier and fitter state.

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Considering that we are choosing from around 75 people, to narrow it down to the Top 10, it will be extremely difficult, since they are all fit. Samir Becic and the Health Fitness Revolution team will do thorough research on each individual and choose the Top 10 Fittest in Texas. The winners and their channels will also be judged on how proactively they promote healthy lifestyle to their viewers in addition to being physically fit, eating healthy, and living a balanced life.

The first elimination will be from 75 to 50, 50 to 20, and down to the final 10. The list will be thoroughly researched using all available data analyzed by Samir and the HFR teams’ expertise. We will contact the news anchors on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail to get more information and those that make it in into the finalists will be invite to do #PushUpsEverywhere with Samir.

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