Cracking the Secret To the Best Fitness Motivator


The perfect method to transforming your body isn’t in the latest fitness craze, or CrossFit workout, or a fad diet. In fact, we’re going to let you in on a secret not many people realize: the key to transforming your body the way you want it is already in your possession. Your attitude and mindset and your best fitness motivators.

Sure, those pants that used to fit you two years ago are motivation when you see them hanging in the closet every day. But true long-term transformation lies in your attitude. The same kind of focus that a professional athlete uses during a game is the same approach you can use when it comes to your nutrition and exercise.

With an “I think I can” attitude, you can get fit and stay fit. Here are a few tips, courtesy of Time Magazine.

  • Create a motto for yourself that will motivate you every day. You will be surprised what the power of encouraging words can do when said or read daily.
  • Learn from your mistakes. A skipped workout or over-indulgence on a meal every once in a while is OK. It happens to the best of us. Simply shake it off and move on with a plan to stick to your goal.
  • Set realistic goals. The more realistic they are, the better chance you can achieve them, and the more confident and proud you will feel. Celebrate every victory and keep reminders of your feat. That feeling of accomplishment can do wonders for your motivation long-term.
  • Always update your plan. Things may change along your path to fitness. The important thing is to keep evolving right along with it, always looking forward to your goal. A little variety and change can spark a new motivation every now and then.
  • Fake it ’til you make it. Walk, talk and carry yourself with the same confidence you would have if you had the fit body and positive attitude you desire. Good posture and a mindset of being the person you want to be is a great way to reach your goals. When you act or feel like you’re making progress, you naturally do make progress. As they say, a little confidence goes a long way.


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