Fitness Fight: Hillary vs. Bernie


The presidential hopefuls are off to the races, but do the candidates have the conditioning to go the distance? Health Fitness Revolution aims to find out. We are pitting the candidates head-to-head to see who emerges as the strongest proponent of health and fitness between Hillary vs. Bernie in this fitness fight.

Samir Becic, the first fitness expert to rank presidential candidates for fitness and healthy lifestyle, had this to say about the Democratic race: “Hillary versus Bernie is pretty much a rematch of Rumble in the Jungle,  Mohammed Ali versus big George Foreman. The question is who will sting and who will fly? Hillary is younger and works out regularly, focuses on a balanced diet, and Bernie is a vibrant older gentlemen who is promoting healthy lifestyle and speaking out against the obesity epidemic in America.”

Samir Becic  gave Hillary Clinton a B+ on the “Fitness Report Card” and left Sanders as the only ungraded candidate, because he couldn’t find any info on Sanders’ fitness routine. Opposite of that, Hillary had extensive documentation about her fitness workouts, including three visits a week to a trainer, yoga on the weekend, and time with a nutritionist. Because of that routine she received one of the highest rankings for a presidential candidate. Samir is very impressed that Hillary Clinton has publicized her fitness routine as an example to other Americans.

Sanders needs to stick to a fitness regimen because although he currently looks vibrant, it is possible to lose your energy quickly over the course of a year. And Samir says it is immensely important that the future president of the United States is disciplined and energetic, two qualities reinforced by physical fitness. According to Samir, “It is not only important that the presidential candidate is fit themselves, but they promote health and fitness for all Americans.”


She stays fit by working out 3-4 times a week, does yoga and water aerobics. Working out is just one of the things she does to stay fit, and Hillary also aims to eat a balanced diet mainly consisting of fish and veggies with little starches, one influenced by her husband’s healthy lifestyle changes. In a recent interview, she told Katie Couric that she eats hot peppers regularly to keep her metabolism up and boost her immune system. She also likes to snack on Boca Burgers in between meals and says she drinks as much water as she possibly can and cuts out diet sodas altogether. While she takes vitamins and opts for tea instead of coffee, Clinton admits that eating healthy on the road is impossible.

Hillary deserves accolades for her role in the Clinton Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting health and wellness. According to the foundation’s website:

“Our approach to health and wellness emphasizes prevention. By identifying small measures that individuals and communities can take to improve their health, and then scaling those measures to impact a greater number of people, we aim to prevent years of chronic disease and thousands of dollars in health care costs, and provide families and communities with knowledge of how to live healthier.”


Bernie Sanders recently released his medical records to assuage fears about his health. It revealed he has great blood pressure for his age, no cardiovascular problems, is on the paleo diet, and rarely drinks alcohol. Bernie chops wood for exercise and is a strong advocate for affordable, nutritional food and promoting exercises as a means of preventing disease.

On his campaign website, Bernie writes that the U.S. is currently undergoing a crisis in poor nutrition and health. He says:

“We’re failing our obligation to meet the nutritional needs of many Americans, particularly those from vulnerable populations, which only exacerbates the obesity epidemic and hunger crisis. According to the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition, the typical American diet exceeds the recommended intake levels of sugar, fats, and refined grains. What’s worse, we eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, dairy products, and oils. Meanwhile in underserved communities, the combined lack of affordable, nutritious foods and physical activity resources make low-income and food-insecure Americans more vulnerable to poor health and obesity.”

Bernie also believes in labeling GMO products so consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases, though he doesn’t believe that GMO’s are necessarily bad.

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