Fitness Interview with ABC13’s Jessica Willey


Jessica Willey is a Reporter for news Channel ABC13, who runs 4-5 times a week and starts off her Saturday mornings with a 5k! On top of all that cardio, she still lifts weights twice a week, and does puzzles to also keep her mind sharp. Jessica Willey understands the connection between exercise and mental health, and credits being fit with her endurance at work when it gets tough. Keep reading to find out what inspires her and what she thinks the hardest sport she ever did was:

HFR: What is your daily exercise and nutrition routine?

Jessica: I’m a runner, so when I’m not training for a long race, I run 4-5 days a week.  I dedicate at least one day to sprints so I can continue to improve on my Saturday morning 5ks.  The rest of my runs are at least 4 miles.  I see the best results from running.

I also lift with my long-time trainer, Curt Young, twice a week.  Each lift day we hit every muscle group.  I think it’s important for women, as we age, to lift in order to maintain healthy bones and boost metabolism.  

On the nutrition side, unfortunately, I’m not as dedicated.  I try to eat high-protein meals as much as I can.  Somehow a few cheat meals always squeak in.  You only live once!

HFR: What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

Jessica: Setting a good example for my three children, ages 12, 10 & 5, and my mental well-being keep me motivated to stay healthy.  I have clarity and energy when I am active.  I am a better mother, wife, and reporter. 

HFR: Do you believe that being fit and healthy has contributed to your successful career?

Jessica: Yes!  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle keeps your mind healthy as well, which helps you make good decisions.  It also gives you a goal and helps you manage time.  These are all “need to know” things for a successful career.  As a general assignment reporter who is sometimes on long assignments in unpleasant conditions, being physically fit helps me stay mentally tough and gives me the stamina to carry me through the long days. 

HFR: What inspires you, in general?

Jessica: Competition inspires me.  What’s the point of doing anything if it’s not to be the best you can be?  My children also inspire me to be active so that I am around for them for as long as possible.

HFR: What tips would you give your fans and our readers to staying healthy?

Jessica: Nothing is instant.  Being healthy takes time.  You will see results and when you do, you’ll be even prouder because you will know the time and effort it took.

HFR: Share something that most people don’t know about you!

Jessica: #1-I rowed in college on the varsity crew team.  It was the hardest sport I have ever done. 

#2 I’m a puzzler.  While I’m very active and love to be outside, I also like doing puzzles.  On vacation, during down time, you’ll find me puzzling. It’s a workout for the mind!

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