Fitness Interview with ABC13’s Stefania Okolie


Stefania isn’t just a hard-hitting news Personality on ABC 13, she’s a dedicated fitness enthusiast. She has a consistent workout schedule and hits the gym for high intensity weightlifting and HIIT workouts. She believes health is wealth and her lifestyle reflects that belief. She enjoys tacos and wings as much as the next person, but has a no-nonsense attitude about fitness and staying healthy. Having discipline and willpower are her secrets to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading for our interview on her healthy habits!

HFR: What is your daily exercise and nutrition routine?

Stefania: My daily work our routine generally includes a high-intensity functional training workout. My trainers Taj and Dose Khango like to refer to their regime as the #KhangoWay. Each workout is very core intensive and helping with the betterment of day to day lives. After my gym workout, I always like to make it into hot yoga. The benefits are amazing and there’s really no better way to ensure your muscles are getting that much-needed stretch and tension released.

HFR: What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

Stefania: I am motivated by many things to stay healthy. For one, when I look in the mirror I like to see a strong me. I see my fitness not only through my exterior but my interior as well. What is a strong body, without a strong mentality? I strongly believe health is wealth and it starts in your mind. My happiness is fed by living a healthy life. I am also motivated by a fitness community always striving to be better.

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Challenge yourself everyday.

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HFR: Do you believe that being fit and healthy has contributed to your successful career?

Stefania: When you have a strong mind, self-discipline, and will-power, you are destined to get through anything. My road has not been perfect or easy, but I will tell you what keeps me level headed when everything seems crooked… knowing that I am fighting through that to take care of body.

HFR: What tips would you give your fans and our readers to staying healthy?

Stefania: You can ALWAYS do it. A strong mind will always give you strong results in other areas in life. The blueprint is simple…. “Get up and go.” “Get up and cook.” You choose the life you live. No one else but you. Every morning I get and I remind myself of the life I want to life. Happy, healthy, and motivating. It’s up to you to maintain and reach those levels.

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STORY: This morning I overslept and woke up at 8:30 when my workout was supposed to start. I thought about skipping it all in all. Instead I came at 10. When I pulled in I rushed out of my car and told the valet guy that I overslept and was about 2 hours late. His response: “At least you showed.” I got upstairs and in true #Khango fashion, my trainer @dose_khango shook his head at me… so I told him what the valet guy told me about “showing up” His response: “YOU DON’T GET CREDIT FOR SHOWING UP.” And it dawned on me that he’s right… I don’t. Here is what is important about this “tough” but very true statement. Showing up is the easy part. Showing up is the “no brainer.” “Showing up” is merely extrinsic. What’s truly significant is how you perform and push yourself WHEN you show up. Showing up is not 80% – but 20%. Consider the flip side of giving yourself credit for merely “showing up.” Are you actually doing the work? Show up. Perform. Succeed. Thank you Dose for pushing me daily. Through fatigue, through pain, and today… through extreme BLOAT. It’s the mentality. This is the #KhangoWay 🤨💪🏾

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HFR: Share something that most people don’t know about you!

Stefania: Most people don’t know that I am ADDICTED to French fries and chicken wings and tacos…. and I crack VERY EASILY. Working out is generally the place I can get to. Watching what I put in my body… is the hard part. I tend to post glimpses into my healthy meals only. The bad ones stay behind the curtain. We all have temptations, we all give in sometimes… I think I give in way too often.

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