Fitness Profile: Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington

jay inslee

The governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee boasts impressive athletic credentials. From team sports to the great outdoors, Inslee’s love of sports is a key component to his healthy and active lifestyle.

To this day, Jay Inslee is an active basketball player. In 2009, Inslee was invited to the White House to a pick-up basketball game, featuring key players such as President Barack Obama himself, as well as other Congressmen and administrative agencies.

Even as a youth, Inslee was very active. While at the University of Washington, he played on the school’s first lacrosse club in 1972, and starred as the high school quarterback

Inslee enjoys biking, skiing, and hiking as recreational activities. He attributes his love for the outdoors as one bestowed onto him by his parents, who often lead wilderness conservation trips to Mount Rainier in the ’60s and 70s. In 2001, the National Parks Conservation Association awarded Inslee with a “Friend of the National Parks” award.


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