Fitness Royal Rumble: Cruz v. Trump


Yesterday, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders duked it out in our Fitness Fight. We found that the Democratic candidates both had strengths and areas to improve on in their personal fitness and message on health. Today, the Republican candidates step into the ring for a fitness royal rumble. Where do the candidates stand on nutrition, health, and fitness?

When asked what he thought about the Republican candidates, Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic light-heartedly replied: “The political rumble between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reminds me of a wrestling royal rumble between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan

Now lets get ready to rumble!

Donald Trump

Samir recognizes that Trump fitness was good as young man, because he was the captain of his baseball team, and played  football and soccer. Trump tries to stay in shape by playing golf, but given his age, that is not enough! Samir’s recommendation for Trump? Leave the golf cart at the clubhouse. He needs cardio, and walking the course and carrying his clubs is a great way to get his heart rate up. More walking!

And, considering his posture and walk (you can tell a lot about a persons health based on their walk), Samir’s recommends Trump should stretch more and increase his water intake. Also, Trump should focus more on his spiritual health, or something that can relax him, considering the stress he is under. The Donald should also steer clear of promoting untested supplements and should use his considerable influence to promote health and fitness.

Ted Cruz

Samir recommends that Ted Cruz focus more on eating healthy foods, which will make him more vibrant. Healthy foods will remove toxins from his body, making him more energetic.   Cruz should curb his Texas-sized appetite for cheese and bacon, and eat more avocado! After all, we recently saw Cruz gleefully eating a strip of bacon cooked on the barrel of an assault rifle. Let’s face it: bacon is bacon, and Cruz looks like he is not a stranger to bacon. Samir says: “while Trump is busy raging about the location of Cruz’s birth, I am more concerned with his increasing girth.” These changes will definitely support the fitness routine that he already does. Oh yeah, we like that he wears a fitbit.

Samir says that he is happy all of the Republican candidates realize that physical fitness is a necessary part of one’s life, and he hopes that they will not only continue to be active themselves, but that they will use their time in the spotlight to espouse the virtues of health and fitness for all Americans. Let’s do this!!!

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