Unhealthy Foods That Negatively Affect Your Lifespan

Unhealthy Foods

Eating certain unhealthy foods can be bad for your health and also cut years off your life. In a recent study, a total of 74,645 men and women were analyzed by Swedish researchers who looked for the link between red meat intake and the decrease in lifespan.

The researchers first had the participants fill out a questionnaire about their eating habits and had specific questions on how much red meat the participants had consumed within the past year. This study was done over a 15-year period. During that period, researchers documented 16,683 deaths — 20% of the study population. The researchers found that the participants who ate about 300 grams per day of processed and unprocessed red meat had a decrease in lifespan up to two years. High and moderate intake of unprocessed meat was also linked to shorter life spans, along with eating a high or moderate intake of processed meat.

Information gathered from Fox News.

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