George Clooney Workout and Fitness Routine


Celebrities get all the attention, which means they have to look good for the paparazzi, so they have to eat healthy and workout. Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines! Celebs have the benefit of working with expensive trainers and nutritionists to stay red carpet ready, so we’ve done the research and passed it along to you. George Clooney, best known for being one of the sexiest men in Hollywood for over 3 decades is the feature for this attention Celebrity Workout.  Here is the George Clooney workout routine:

George Clooney stays young and fit at 52 by keeping variety in his fitness routine. He runs daily, performs pull-ups, completes “butt-busting” circuits, and loves hot yoga. He also plays basketball regularly with other Hollywood actors, including Toby McGuire, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Well I do a lot of aerobics, a lot of dance, there is a lot of jazz-ercise, the ab-master, there’s the butt-blaster or whatever it’s called. And also there is a lot of yoga. And I have also just finished doing a movie where I did football with a bunch of 21-year-olds which I highly recommend. That’s going to keep anyone in shape.” George Clooney, 2007.


George’s diet primarily focuses on healthy food. He recently decided to go on a juice cleanse and eat better as part of his New Year’s resolutions, having green juices and salads daily.

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