How to Get Stronger without Weights

  • Do pull-ups: It’s the standard by which all body-weight exercises are measured. And even the most hard-core lifters will agree that there’s no better muscle builder for the upper body—with or without weights. The reason for its effectiveness: It takes full advantage of the scientific laws of motion and leverage, placing your body in a position that forces your back and arms to lift your entire body weight. Call it applied science at its finest.
  • Resistance. One way to build strength and develop muscles is to resistance train. You can purchase tough elastic bands which can be used in a variety of exercises which require you to use muscles in your arms or legs to stretch the bands out repeatedly.  When you lower your body during any exercise, you build up “elastic energy” in your muscles. Just like in a coiled spring, that elasticity allows you to “bounce” back to the starting position, reducing the work your muscles have to do. Eliminate the bounce and you’ll force your body to recruit more muscle fibers to get you moving again. How? Pause for 4 seconds in the down position of an exercise. That’s the amount of time it takes to discharge all the elastic energy of a muscle.
  • Play Sports: Playing sports is a fun way to build strength and improve your cardiovascular health. It’s easy to become more focused on the game, than on how tired you are. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with friends — and the motivation to support your team can help you take your fitness to a new level — while working your muscles at the same time.
  • Do Sit-ups: strengthen your core muscles in the abdominal wall and back. Don’t push yourself to exhaustion though- proper alignment and form is more important and will help tone and sculpt your core without injury.
  • Do Push-ups:  These are a traditional exercise renowned for their ability to exercise multiple areas of the body. Similar to sit-ups, if you want to see results, do push-ups with proper form in order to receive the most benefits and avoid injury. Strengthen your arms, chest, back and core by doing push-ups regularly.
  • Go for a Run: Running builds strength in your back and legs, although the rest of your body gets a workout as well. The added advantage to this strength-building exercise is that it works your cardiovascular system.
  • Do Squats:  We wrote about squats here Squats are effective for building muscles in your legs. Bend deeply and rise up slowly after each squat to get the most from this type of exercise. You can also do it with a back against a wall while in the bent position to further strengthen your legs. Maintain good posture as you do these exercises.
  • Go Swimming: it’s the best cardiovascular and muscular exercise for tired joints. This low-impact exercise is ideal for seniors, but can also help young people increase overall fitness — as well as their number of active years. You’ll also tone your whole body — building muscular strength from your shoulders to your calves.
  • Do some Grip Exercises: Grip exercises help to make your hands stronger. Repeatedly squeeze a specially designed apparatus or an object such as a tennis ball to build a firmer grip. This is an exercise that can be performed just about anywhere at most any time.
  • Go Jump Rope: The jump rope is a simple piece of equipment than can tone and strengthen your arms, legs and core. Increase speed and repetitions over time to maintain effectiveness.
  • Go Rock Climbing: Climbing can make you stronger in all areas. This is a full body exercise that can be performed in a natural setting or on a synthetic rock wall. You can also climb suspended ropes or nets. Build up your stamina so you can achieve more height and increase your muscular development.
  • Resync Method:  Last but not least!  The power of the ReSync Method comes from its simplicity—you use your own body and little else. Every muscle in the body can be trained by the body’s own movement and natural resistance, which makes the ReSync Method a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours in the gym or invest in costly and heavy machines. And since the ReSync Method utilizes the body’s natural resistance, it is ideal for couples, friends and families who want to spend time together working out.  By using the synchronization of the body’s muscles, the ReSync Method effectively improves:
    • Strength
    • Strength endurance
    • Cardio
    • Flexibility
    • Balance

And, best of all, the ReSync method connects all these components into one very simple, very effective, fun workout.

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