Grand Duke of Luxembourg Fights Health Problems With Fitness


Letzebuerg Privat, an independent magazine from Luxembourg, suggested that Health Fitness Revolution did not consider Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg’s heart problems in our most recent list of the Fittest Heads of State. We would like to set the record straight by saying we are aware of the Grand Duke’s health issues, and we admire and support him in his efforts to manage health issues with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Samir Becic, the founder of HFR, is impressed with Grand Duke Henri’s fitness regimen, and he stated that the Grand Duke is one of his favorite heads of state on the list. Here’s why: Samir recognizes that it’s much harder for someone with heart problems to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle than someone who does not suffer from health problems. For that, the Grand Duke deserves a special place on our list. Samir clarified that the whole HFR team was aware of Grand Duke Henri’s health problems, and that they were even mentioned on previous lists.

“I personally think that the Grand Duke is not only a great example for the people who live in Luxembourg, but also for all of Europe and the entire world. He proves that no matter what health obstacles you face, you can overcome them or better manage them with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. I’m very pleased that the media in Luxembourg is reporting our list in many different languages and follows us on our quest to fight obesity in the world. For that, I thank them.”-Samir Becic

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