Health Benefits of Extreme Sports

extreme Sport - climbing

Health Fitness Revolution recently listed the Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports, ranging from bull riding, free climbing to skiing. Though research has indicated that the risk of dangerous sports could outweigh the benefit, mainly due to injury rates, there are still some benefits that could be considered. 

Similarly, there are actually Health Benefits of White Water Rafting, a very adventurous and physical activity involving rafters to explore the wild river waters as they try to conquer nature’s challenges. 

Extreme sports can be thrilling and exciting, and when done with precautions, you could have a great time challenging yourself. Here are the health benefits of extreme sports. 

Extreme sports can train your mentality. Doing activities which requires you to have lots of courage and bravery will eventually teach you control; control over your fears and emotions. The Journal of Health Psychology explained that although extreme sports involve intense fear, the participant will eventually take part of the sports despite their fears, accept that a controlled future is not always possible, and move through these fears to participate fully in the sport. 

The journal further indicated that those who choose to participate in these activities despite their fears will move towards a greater understanding of oneself. 

Also, 9Honey described that extreme sports could train us to keep our cool during stressful situations. According to study reported by 9Honey, we all possess an amino acid called neuropeptide Y that assists with the regulation of anxiety and acts as a natural sedative. Researchers from Yale Medical School tested whether it is possible to increase neuropeptide Y by monitoring data for US Special Forces soldiers and Navy Seals — who have been conditioned to deal with high-level stress situations. 

9Honey explained that the researchers did discover that these soldiers possess higher amounts of neuropeptide Y than regular people. Thus, this suggests that one can be resilient through exposure to stressful experiences — such as, participating in extreme sports

Another benefit would be, extreme sports allow you to work different muscles in your body. According to Coast Water Sports With, with extreme sports, you tend to use your muscle in the most unusual way and work your muscle differently than you would daily, or in any light exercises. 

For example, paddle boarding uses almost every muscle in your body according to Health Max. Thus, paddle boarding also improves the balance and leg strength of the participants. 

Rock climbing on the other hand, not only tests your mental strength, but it also is proven to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, Health Max indicated further. 

Another benefit worth mentioning is the healthy adrenaline.

 Extreme sports might trigger the fight or flight response. This type of adrenaline from extreme sports such as, snowboarding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing or biking, or river rafting could be a replacement of unwanted drugs or other risky activities, according to Teen Rehab. The adrenaline participants might receive could be the same level of adrenaline rush from unhealthy and unwanted activities, Teen Rehab further indicated.

As a matter of fact, according to Chron, many of whom participate in extreme sports actually claim that they do it for the rush — the adrenaline rush. The adrenaline rush itself is usually marked with faster heart rate, dilated pupils and change in breathing patterns. Afterwards it is accompanied by a release of endorphins and dopamine — a chemical which is associated with these feelings of excitement and pleasure.   

Those who take part, are reported to chase these feelings, which makes the sport a lot more fun and sees the pleasure of the sport as the advantage of aprtiicapting in the sport, Chron mentioned. 

Healthy sports have their own beauty for those who seek it for pleasure and excitement. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved in many different ways, including high-adrenaline sports. 

While this type of sport is not for everybody, Health Max did mention that physiotherapists highly recommended this sport due to its tremendous effect on joint mobility and heart rate. As of now, challenging yourself to do extreme sports — of course with safety measures — is worth giving it go – who knows you might benefit from it too.

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