Healthy Food Items that Won’t Break the Bank



The notion that eating healthy is always expensive doesn’t have to ring true. There are plenty of thrifty options to help keep you on track of your healthy nutritional goals. Here are some of our favorite healthy- and cheap- foods to keep in your pantry and fridge:


 Tuna is a great source of protein and it can me made as a meal within minutes! Add a can of tuna and mix it with some cumin, chopped green onions, salt and pepper, lemon juice, and some fat-free yogurt. Mix thoroughly. Toast your sprouted whole-grain bread and for a healthy fat, cut up half an avocado into think slices and this become a nutritious and filling meal. You can also ditch the toast and place it on top of a bed of greens as a salad!

Brown rice crackers:

Quick and filling snack when you have no time to prep have two rice crackers with a good amount of Peanut Butter or add a protein shake for more protein or just by itself.

Greek yogurt: 

Non-fat Greek yogurt is highly recommended because of its high protein and low-fat. You can make this into a delicious guilt free chocolate pudding by mixing it with no sugar added cocoa power, stevia/truvia, and some fruits of your choice! Be sure to mix these ingredients well.

Sprouted whole-grain toast:

 Healthiest toast out there. Keeps you full longer than white bread and it’s unrefined. Add some eggs on top and half an avocado with salt/pepper, or with Peanut Butter and half a banana or some tuna.

Brown rice:

Unlike white rice, brown rice contains magnesium and fiber that keeps your body full and is a slow digestion to the body. Before going to bed, steam your rice so that it’s ready to go the next day. You can spice it up by sautéing chopped onions and garlic first then add your uncooked brown rice with 2 cups of vegetable or chicken broth and some cumin, salt and pepper,  chopped cilantro, a small can of diced tomatoes, and let it simmer for 20-45 minutes and there you have a delicious and healthy Mexican rice! You can add a chicken breast on the side for a full meal.


Oatmeal is a filling starch to have for breakfast with eggs or any other source of protein, try adding cinnamon and a hair of vanilla extract, and a gradual amount of milk of your choice for a sweeter taste or cut up some fruits to add-on top.

Quick-cut vegetables:

Baby carrots, cucumbers, celery, and cherry tomatoes are a couple of easy attainable veggies to snack on when you’re studying, working, or driving. You can even dip these veggies with some hummus (make sure it doesn’t have GMO) or try something different like squeezing lemon and some chile like Tajin.


Depending on your location, look for fruits that are in season and store some in the freezer for whenever you’re craving them. They can easily be added it in the blender with your favorite protein powder for a healthy smoothie. You can add your cut up fruits on your Peanut Butter sandwich or on your oatmeal.

Turkey Jerky:

How convenient and affordable is this snack? It can easily be stored in your bag or car for whenever your hungry and need some of that protein. To complete this snack you could add 2 brown rice crackers for your healthy carbs.

Assorted nuts:

Also another easily stored snack! Nuts are just of the healthiest sources of fats that can keep you filled with energy and melt off that fat stored in your body. Try to avoid nuts with anything added  due to its high sodium and fat content. Instead munch on a handful of nuts a day with cut up apple of berries.

Peanut Butter:

Another healthy fat to have once or twice a day. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to just have a spoon or two a day but it’s filling an healthy to add in a smoothie or on rice crackers. Even as a sandwich is good to have once a day just try not to finish the jar.


This fruit has been talked about and been such a hype lately it has to be put on the list. It’s  highly nutritious fat and can be added on anything. Salad, sandwiches, and tacos are just a few. Try toast one slice of sprouted grain bread, spread half an avocado and add salt and pepper for a healthy snack. Or cut up chicken into fajita slices and grill or bake it, grab some corn tortillas or cooked rice, and lightly place your avocado and there is a perfect nutritious meal.


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