HFR Holds Seminars for Educators


Health Fitness Revolution has a tremendous amount of respect for teachers and the role they play in a child’s future.  Many of the core values and lessons we learn through life can be traced back to our educators, what they taught us, and  how they treated us.  This is the reason that HFR travels around the world to educate teachers and professors on how to provide the right encouragement and direction to students with regard to health, fitness, and nutrition.


By getting proper training, educators can actually help their students grow into the powerful young leaders of tomorrow, while imparting the core values that our non-profit represents- health, fitness, life balance, perseverance, hard work, determination, and respect.  We aim to devise programs and seminars that incorporate education, fun, activities, and new concepts that teachers and professors can use to arm their students with the best knowledge and education available- so that they can reach their ultimate potentials in taking control of their health as they grow into their adult lives.


The HFR team visits schools that wish to participate in the program  free-of-charge, regardless of socio-economic background-  we believe that health education should be available to all, and that children in “tough schools” should have access to knowledge in order to break the unhealthy lifestyle cycles that plague society.


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