How To Reverse Gluten Intolerance

how to reverse gluten intolerance

Studies show that eliminating gluten from your diet reduces the amount of inflammation and fat tissue in the body. But a gluten-free diet also helps to lower inflammatory response and the resistance to insulin. Unfortunately, there is a long list of foods that contain gluten. Count out any products made with wheat, barley, rye, or spelt. If you have gluten intolerance, doctors advise you to stay away from soy products as well, since they may be manufactured next to gluten products.

But there are many alternatives to these grains and flours, such as products made from coconut or almond flours. There are also many more restaurants that are heeding to those who are sensitive by offering a gluten-free menu to choose from. Trust us, it does get better! After six months, this sans-gluten diet allows you to gradually introduce gluten back into your life, so long as aren’t diagnosed with Celiac’s disease.

A Roadmap To Reversing Gluten Intolerance

  • Introducing a healthy bacteria really aids in the process by helping your body kick out the harmful bacteria. The most powerful probiotic that will transform your gut health is named Bifidobacterium lactis. It counteracts the damage done by gluten on the digestive tract, and also helps your body absorb more nutrients from foods.
  • Cleanse your gut with oregano oil to rid the overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach. Take 200mg of oregano oil 3 times a day for two weeks to help purify the health of your gut.
  • Apple cider vinegar also stimulates digestion. If you mix 1 teaspoon into water before a meal or take a digestive enzyme it will ease your digestion after each meal instead of making you feel bloated or ill.
  • Make sure to eat foods that are high in probiotics. Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and greek yogurt, are high in probiotics. This is important to incorporate into your nutrition at least twice a day, remember you can never have too many probiotics! There are loaded with good nutrients that yield amazing health benefits.
  • After ridding your body of the bad bacteria through the methods above, next try adding in a powerful healing agent called L-Glutamine. It comes in powder powder form with no taste, and is a powerful amino acid that heals the cells of the digestive tract. Load up on foods that are high in fiber, which also help boost your digestion!

Reintroducing Gluten To Your Diet

  • It is so important for you to stay as consistent as you can in your gluten free journey, and after 6 months it should be safe to slowly introduce gluten into your diet once again. That is, if you have not been diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. Consult a physician for this simple test to retrieve accurate results.
  • Once you’re ready to test your gluten sensitivity after detoxing for 6 months, you may want to start with spelt, ferrel, or rye to see if you can tolerate it again. Then move onto whole wheat, since it contains much heavier amounts of gluten. Here are some of the healthiest alternatives to white bread!
  • Last but not least, make sure you choose the right multivitamin for you! Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet, and drink plenty of water.


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