Jennifer Lopez Workout and Fitness Routine


Celebrities get all the attention, which means they have to look good for the paparazzi, so they have to eat healthy and workout. Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines! Celebs have the benefit of working with expensive trainers and nutritionists to stay red carpet ready, so we’ve done the research and passed it along to you. Jennifer Lopez, best known for being Jenny from the block, is the feature for this attention Celebrity Workout.  Here is the Jennifer Lopez workout routine:

This beautiful 44 year old Latina woman knows about being active and fit! She began her career as a professional dancer and has maintained her fitness since then. In terms of her fitness routine, she varies her cardio so as to not get bored and believes that there is nothing better than your own body weight to help you lose or shift fat.

“Having twins changed my body. It feels different on the inside as well as the outside. The texture of my muscles has even changed. I feel like I’ve hit my stride in my 40s. In my 20s I knew nothing about taking care of my body but now I’m 41, I feel like this is the age. I think women are looking after themselves more than ever.”

In terms on nutrition, she does not believe in starving herself but follows a regimen that ensures she eats the right things at the right time. She also drinks a lot of water daily.

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