Drink These Healthy Juices To Nourish Your Body


Whether you’ve considered juicing or just want to add more daily nutrients to your diet, you should consider which fruits and vegetables are most beneficial for you. Make sure you are familiar with the misconceptions about juicing before making any drastic changes to your nutrition! Once you know how juicing works, extracted fruit and vegetable juices have many healing properties. You can even mix them together depending on personal preference. Here are Health Fitness Revolution’s recommendations for you!

  • Carrot Juice: 

    Even though this orange-hued veggie is common in salads it is almost as sweet tasting as many fruits. Did you know that carrot juice can also help protect your heart from disease? By increasing antioxidants in your body and decreasing the harmful process of lipid peroxidation, drinking carrot juice may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Beetroot Juice: 

    This purple plant is renowned for its liver protection, and it also improves how your body responds to workouts. By maintaining the use of oxygen and increasing stamina, the maroon wonder helps you achieve the best workout possible. It does this by opening up your blood vessels to allow your bloodstream to pass through more easily. This minimizes issues such as blood clots, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

  • Cranberry Juice: 

    One of the most vitamin C rich fruits, these tiny red berries are loaded with many other nutrients. Renowned for its powerful cleansing of the urinary tract, cranberry juice is amazing at eliminating the presence of uropathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli and E. faecalis.

  • Blueberry Juice: 

    Another powerful (and purple) juice extracted from berries is blueberry juice. Not only is it an extremely powerful antimicrobial, but has the ability to decrease the amount of food-borne illness and significantly lessen the severity of enteric viruses because of its antioxidant nature.

  • Acai Berry Juice: 

    First discovered in South Africa, this super fruit yields both health benefit and flavor. One recent study on mice has initiated a closer look at this fruit juice’s anticonvulsant properties. Acai berry juice not only protects your brain but is also projected to lower the prevalence and intensity of specific seizures.

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