King Abdullah II Workout and Fitness Profile

king abdullah II

Between long days dealing with bureaucrats and the stress of running a country, politicians face an uphill battle when it comes to staying healthy. Even though they have to lift up the weight of the world, these politicians somehow found a way to stay healthy. Which is great, because as public figures they have a huge amount of influence on the healthy of their country. King Abdullah II is a politician who has managed to stay healthy and fit, and promotes fitness in Jordan. Below is their fitness profile:

King Abdullah II of Jordan 

  • Huge fan of sports
  • Enjoys sky diving, scuba diving, and soccer
  • Has an award and initiative to encourage physical fitness among students as an integral component of good health and intellectual development
  • Believes fitness enhances self-confidence, competitiveness and the a student’s desire for self-development and skill potential
  • Made our list of Top 13 Fittest Heads of State 2015
  • Top 50 Fittest Royals in the World
  • Fittest Arab Royalty

 king-abdullah-and-son-on-motorcycles Jordans-warrior-king-Abdullah-II-brings-leadership-and-fury-to-IS-fight

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