Legendary DJ Sam Malone joins the #PushUpsEverywhere


Legendary DJ and TV Personality Sam Malone reunited with Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic after 10 years and did an impressive 40 push-ups for the #PushUpsEverywhere campaign! He challenges Maria Todd, Dominique Sachse, Atom Smasher, and Mike McGuff.

“Sam Malone is one of the strongest and most hard working media personalities I’ve ever met” says Becic.

#PushUpsEverywhere is a campaign started by Health Fitness Revolution to push America to become a fitter nation. The challenge consists of filming yourself or someone doing 10 push-ups, uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, challenging two of your friends and tagging #PushUpsEverywhere.

We are experiencing more and more celebrities from all over joining the noble cause of promoting healthy lifestyle.

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