Link Between Fat and Cancer


Being overweight has many health consequences and can lead to many health problems that could be avoided. Being overweight can not only cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes but it can also increase ones risk of getting cancer.  Most Americans don’t realize that 84,000 cancer diagnoses each year are linked to obesity and being over weight.  It is important to note as well that while being obese increases the risk of health illnesses, it can also cause complications with treatment procedures.

A study published in 2003 in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that excess fat could account for 14% of all deaths in men who had cancer and 20% in women. The relationship between being overweight and cancer is often overlooked, but recent studies have been conducted to find the link between the two. These studies have found that if you are overweight or obese you are increasing the risk of getting 12 different types of cancers.

Obesity can affect cancer treatment as well, because the body is not at its normal homeostasis stage where it functions normally and well. Obesity can cause an individual to not notice the early warming signs of cancer and can increase the likelihood of developing a secondary cancer.

Currently, the link between obesity and cancer is still being studied to find out the exact reason why but it’s important that while scientists are hard at work trying to find an exact answer that we stay active and maintain a healthy balance lifestyle.

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