Mercy for Texans Football Team


By Samir Becic

We have a collapsing coach, a quarterback that had a meltdown, a team that has just lost their 9th straight game, and they now are tied for the worst record in the NFL.  The only positive aspects of this is that the Texans are now eligible for the Number One draft pick, and no free unhealthy drinks on Tuesdays from Sonic.

I grew up in Europe, where the only football I knew about was “soccer”, which I didn’t even play. However, one thing I do know for sure, as an athlete, is that winning is easy, and losing is extremely hard.  My personal opinion is that athletes need to be cheered when they are losing- cheering when our teams are winning is great, but not as crucially important as one would think.  Ancient Greek mythology claims that Gods get their powers from those praying and worshipping them, when this ceases, the Gods lose their power.

I am not saying that star athletes are greek Gods, but booing them and burning their jerseys definitely has a negative effect on them and their performances.  It goes so far that many of the Texans players are complaining that the fans are affecting the outcome of the games by forcing to do “silent counts” because of the loud booing at home games.

If I, as an athlete, as someone who knows and understands what these players are going through, have mercy for our Houston team, then what is your excuse?  Let’s give them our blessing and remind ourselves of the many wins they had in the past, and try to find mercy in your hearts to believe in their future as true fans should do.

This article is not to protect the Texans from their disappointing season, because there are guilty of bad decisions and calls. I know they are getting paid millions of dollars to perform and fans have a right to be disappointed and angry. However, I raise one question: Do we only like them when they win?

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