Oil Down, Fitness Up


Times are tough in Houston. The oil downturn affects all of us, even those not directly employed in the oil industry. We need to band together as a city to persevere through this economic slump. Doing so will make us stronger as a city. Believe in yourself and believe in Houston.

Instead of coping with stress by eating unhealthy foods and binge drinking, do something that will ACTUALLY improve your health and make you feel better. Taking care of your body and mind will form the positive mental outlook you need to keep yourself motivated and strong. The habits you build now will not only improve your current situation, but will last an entire lifetime.

Your career is a major part of your life but it is not the only one. Don’t focus on what is negative but seek to improve what you can: health, diet, spirituality, and meaningful social connections. Balance is crucial in all things. Work towards achieving these ten tips and you will see an improvement in your life. And don’t forget: the price of oil ALWAYS bounces back.

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep at night
  2. Eat non-processed, nutrient rich foods
  3. Drink more water
  4. Exercise daily
  5. Replace white breads and grains with whole wheat
  6. Curb your sweet tooth by eating fruit
  7. Control your portion sizes
  8. Reduce alcohol consumption
  9. Spice up meals
  10. Add muscle

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