How to Pick the Perfect Fitness Class

group of smiling people dancing in gym or studio

Have you ever thought about picking up a new class at the gym, or just trying something new in your workout routine? We’ve all thought about it, but may have never gotten around to it. There’s so many different classes being offered, so how are you supposed to choose? Check out our guide on how to pick a new class to fit your health and fitness needs, as well as something to shake up your normal routine.

Do you want to tone up your body without focusing on gaining a ton of muscle?
Look closely at the name of the class: While looking at different classes, look for words like “upper cut” and “B.L.T.”(butt, legs, thighs), these will focus on target areas on your body. If you’re looking to trim up some tummy flab or lose the love handles, consider a class like “Rock Bottom” that focuses on the lower body.

Do you want a supportive environment that will help you reach your fitness goals?
Look at a CrossFit class: The word “crossfit” can sound intimidating, but don’t be scared. CrossFit is a hardcore exercise that improves your physical well-being in an accepting and positive environment. You will constantly be moving, but at your own speed. You won’t feel pressure to bench-press 140 lbs if you can only do 80. Check out a local CrossFit class if you want a more intense workout while constantly improving yourself.

Do you want to destress and relax?
Look into yoga: Whenever you hear the word “yoga”, you probably think of a bunch of women sitting on their mats texting while having a leg extended out. That’s definitely not the case in real life; if you’re feeling the stress of finals week or feeling drained from that 60 hour work week, you need to find a yoga class that focuses on poise, meditation, and breathing patterns. If you’re looking for something to pump you up and work you out, try out a power yoga class.

Do you want to work out and watch time fly?
Look into a zumba class: You’ll be getting a full-body workout without even realizing it! If you love dancing, loud music, and having fun, you’re going to have a blast at Zumba. You’re working every single part of your body as you’re dancing your heart away, as well as burning a ton of calories (around 300-600, to be exact). There’s different types of Zumba classes, depending on age and exertion levels (and your music preference).

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