Poll: Who is fitter Biden, Bernie, or Trump?

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2020 is upon us and the impending Presidential election is as well. According to current polling, the leaders in the race for the Democratic nomination are former Vice President Joe Biden, age 77 and Sen. Bernie Sanders, age 78. President Trump will most likely be the Republican candidate and the oldest President elected to a first term, currently 73.

It is plausible that, for the first time, Americans will have to decide between two candidates in their 70s for the presidency.

Which brings us to our next question- are they fit enough to run? The President of the U.S. is not only the leader of the free democratic world, but also an example to us, our children, and indeed the rest of the world. Because of this, presidents have a moral and ethical responsibility to serve as a good example – and this extends to the way they live their lives as well.

“Political leaders can be one of the building blocks toward attaining a healthy lifestyle in mainstream America.  Their influence in making the laws and their presence is imperative toward exciting the masses into changing their nutrition for the better and being more physically active” said HFR Founder Samir Becic about the role of politicians in improving America’s health.

Please note: HFR is politically neutral and not affiliated with any political party. We have been tracking fitness in politics since 2013, and profiled the 2016 candidates as well as the 2020 candidates.

Take a look at their fitness profiles:

Who is fitter: Biden, Trump, or Sanders?

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