Poll: Who is fitter, President Trump or Vice President Biden?

Source: ABC News

2020 is upon us and the impending Presidential election is as well. The two leaders in the race for the Presidency are Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. For the first time in history, Americans will have to choose between two septuagenarians for the presidency.

Which brings us to our next question- who is physically fitter? The President of the U.S. is not only the leader of the free democratic world, but also an example to us, our children, and indeed the rest of the world. Because of this, presidents have a moral and ethical responsibility to serve as a good example – and this extends to the way they live their lives as well.

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, a healthy body, and a robust immune system is paramount to building resilience against viruses. Data suggests that people with obesity are more likely to become severely ill due to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

“COVID-19 should wake Americans up to fight obesity now like never before. It is not about appearances (and it never was), it’s about SURVIVAL! Until there is an available vaccine or treatment, in addition to social distancing, washing hands, and wearing a mask, a healthy body with a robust immune system is the best defense against COVID-19’s life-threatening symptoms. While it cannot protect you from contracting the virus, being healthy and fit will give you the best chance of surviving it” says HFR Founder Samir Becic. He continues “The president’s job is a very stressful one that requires him or her to be on duty 24/7. The stress that they are exposed to can affect their health so drastically that if they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, they can be subjected to any number of chronic illnesses – both physical and mental.”

Please note: HFR is politically neutral and not affiliated with any political party. We have been tracking fitness in politics since 2013, and profiled the 2016 candidates as well as the 2020 candidates.

Here are the fitness profiles of both candidates:

Who is fitter, Vice President Joe Biden or President Trump?

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