How Queen Elizabeth II Stays Fit at 92


Not only is Queen Elizabeth II of England the longest-serving monarch in British history, she’s also one of the healthiest! Despite her age, Queen Elizabeth is in top health and fitness. Her former chef states that she loves being around her horses and dogs, and keeping up with the animals helps keep her fit. She also doesn’t obsess over what she eats, which at first can be hard to believe.

Former chef Darren McGrady says that some of her favorite foods are grilled or poached fish, along with some veggies and a salad. She’s very good about staying away from starch and potatoes, something many people struggle with. He also says that she is “very disciplined, which is what helps keep her so well and so healthy”.

“Considering that she is 90 years old, she is very vibrant, sharp, with excellent posture, indicative of her level of physical activity and core strength. I am amazed that even at her age, she still off-roads in my favorite vehicle, the Defender- which represents her adventurous spirit. This is why she is one of my ultimate favorite Royals today” says HFR founder and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic:


Source: Daily Mirror

Another interesting tidbit from McGrady is that The Queen “is simply the kind of person who eats to live rather than living to eat”. Many people will do anything it takes to get an extra piece of cake or will revolve their life around food, instead of it being the other way around. Food is meant to fuel you in your day, not your day to be focused on food. McGrady says that The Queen would rather spend money on horses and saddles than on food and cookware.

In case you were wondering what The Queen’s typical meals are, they’re pretty simple. She enjoys a cup of Earl Grey tea (without milk or sugar) in the morning to start her day along with a bowl of Special K cereal. Come lunchtime, she likes her eat her favorite meal of fish and veggies. Dinner gets the royal treatment with a meal of either lamb, roast beef, or salmon. She enjoys fillets of beef and venison as well. She is The Queen, and she deserves it!

Actress Helen Mirren depicts Queen Elizabeth II with her favorite vehicle- the off-roading Land Rover Defender in the movie The Queen

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