Samir Becic Attends Sarajevo Business Forum


Samir Becic, world-renowned health and fitness expert, attended the 6th Sarajevo Business Forum as a VIP guest to promote health and fitness in southeast Europe and internationally.

Samir Becic attending the forum
Samir Becic attending the forum in the Bosnian Parliament building

The forum was held in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 13th and 14th. Approximately 1,000 participants attended the forum, including regional political and business leaders from the seven countries of southeast Europe as well as various global leaders.

International Press at the Sarajevo Business Forum
International Press at the Sarajevo Business Forum help in the Bosnian Parliament

The Sarajevo Business Forum aims to address and provide solutions for global issues. This year’s presentations focused on energy, infrastructure, agriculture, technological developments and tourism. The forum also provides opportunities to entrepreneurs to establish a network of contacts and business relations with businessmen and investment fund managers from more than 30 countries worldwide.

Becic, who was born in Bosnia, said he enjoyed the conference tremendously. “I was extremely impressed with the forum and how such a great event was held in the country of my birth. It was fantastic.”

Becic said he would return for the next conference in 2016 and said he will promote the Sarajevo Business Forum to his colleagues and the leading business people of America.

“This event is just at the beginning,” Becic said. “Tremendous gains will be made in the future through this forum. I see great potential here, especially in how American business people can flourish.”

Becic also met with several prominent European leaders while at the forum, including Bosnian president, Bakir Izetbegovic; former Bosnian president and prime minister, patron, and one of the founding organizers of the Sarajevo Business Forum Haris Silajdzic; Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vučić; Turkish Vice Prime Minister Ali Babacan; Croatian President Stjepan Mesic; chairman of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel; and Dr. Denis Zvizdić, the prime minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Becic was also delighted by the optimism the keynote speakers radiated while speaking about the political and economic growth of southeast Europe. He extends his compliments to the Bosnian presidency and Bosnia Bank International and its shareholders for the great presentation.

“I want to compliment Amer Bukvić for his outstanding organizational skills,” Becic said, referring to the director of Bosnia Bank International.

Becic was also very fond of the forum, especially the after-gathering. “It ran very smoothly and was extremely elegant,” Becic said. “I was highly impressed at all of it.”

Becic thinks by 2020, Sarajevo Business Forum will grow exponentially and be one of the most important events to take place in the world.

Sarajevo Business Forum 2015
Global leaders at the Sarajevo Business Forum 2015

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