Samir Becic & Bravo’s Jewel Tankard Celebrate Female Empowerment


In honor of International Women’s Day, Samir Becic spoke at Women of Now’s Light Up The World 2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony. The conference was hosted and funded by Women of Now founder Donna McGowan. The conference is aimed at empowering women in business and in their personal lives.

Jewel Tankard, star of Bravo show Thicker Than Water which premiers for its 3rd season on March 27, joined Becic at the conference. In her keynote speech Tankard supported Samir’s message of promoting health in America.

After their speeches, Becic and the reality TV star discussed healthy living for women and Tankard shared her fitness tips with the HFR founder. Here are couple tips from Tankard:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water
  • Drink healthy juices and shakes
  • Get plenty of cardio by walking outside or on the treadmill

What is one Tankard’s favorite healthy snack? She loves juice made of kale, lemon, ginger, apples and beats.

Becic says he is honored that he is one of the few men invited to the conference. He believes that the strong women of today are improving our society on every level. He said it was inspirational to see women in leading positions, ranging from judges to entrepreneurs to entertainers, speak at the conference and support women’s empowerment.

As an entrepreneur and international businesswoman, Jewel Tankard is a strong advocate of personal development and financial independence. She started the Millionairess Club to help motivate other women to believe in themselves and develop the mental toughness to succeed in the business world.

Her show Thicker Than Water is scheduled to return for its third season on Bravo. The show follows the exploits of Tankard and her husband, former professional basketball player and gospel singer Michael Tankard. Tune in to the new season on March 27, 2016 to see Tankard and her family.

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