Samir Becic talks with former President Stjepan Mesic


Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic met with former Yugoslavian and Croatian President Stjepan Mesic during his Bosnian tour. President Mesic is a strong supporter of Health Fitness Revolution and believes healthy lifestyle is paramount.

Mesic is a Croatian politician who served as the second President of Croatia from 2000 to 2010. Before his ten-year presidential term, he held the posts of Speaker of the Croatian Parliament (1992–1994), Prime Minister of Croatia (1990), the last President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia (1991), Secretary General of the Non-Aligned Movement (1991), a judge in Nasice and mayor of his home town of Orahovica.

Former President Mesic shares a laugh with Samir Becic
Former President Mesic shares a laugh with Samir Becic

Mesić had always topped the polls for the most popular politician in Croatia during his two terms. Samir was honored to discuss politics and health with former President Mesic, for whom he has the utmost respect.



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