Samir Becic Trains by Pushing a 5,500 lbs Jeep Wrangler

Samir pushing the 5,500 lbs Jeep Wrangler in Memorial Park Houston, TX

Samir Becic, Harper Collins author of the book ReSYNC Your Life, has a new fitness challenge up his sleeve to create even more awareness about the obesity epidemic happening in America. It is no secret that America has been suffering from an obesity crisis for decades. Right now, 1 in 3 Americans is obese, and 360,000 deaths annually are due to complications related to obesity. The extra weight that a third of Americans carry impairs mobility and increases fatigue, making life harder for even the simplest daily activities. This public health crisis needs attention, with more resources dedicated to nutrition education and physical fitness. That’s why Samir Becic is gearing up to walk several miles in the shoes of the obese

As part of his training routine for his extreme fitness experiment, he pushed his custom 5,500 lbs Jeep Wrangler at Memorial Park in Houston and then around the River Oaks area. Stay tuned as we unveil more of his unorthodox and extreme training methods…

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