Samir Honorary Guest of Mexican National Opera


Founder of Health Fitness Revolution and creator of the ReSync Method Samir Becic was privileged to be the Mexican National Opera’s honorary guest.

Currently, Samir is serving as the Director of Health and Fitness for Grupo Educativo, the entity behind some of the most prestigious schools in Mexico City.  Health Fitness Revolution truly believes that the arts are a fundamental part of healthy lifestyle, so this event was particularly close to our hearts.


The evening opened in the grandiose Palacio de Bellas Artes with the dramatic presence of International Opera Soprano Olivia Gorra with her angel voice filling the majestic Opera house.  The superb conducting of a brilliant James Demster made an already unforgettable evening even more remarkable.  After listening to Olivia’s voice, it does not come as a surprise that she has collaborated with some of the most prominent in her industry including Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, and many others.


It with great pride that Samir represented Health Fitness Revolution and Grupo Educativo in Mexico City during an opera night that showcased the students of Grupo Educativo schools as a significant part of the orchestra!  The students made a brilliant impact on the audience and demonstrated that Grupo Educativo- besides having one of the strongest physical programs in Mexico City- offers one of the most prestigious and artistic education to the youth of Mexico.


Samir’s number 1 goal is to create a program within Grupo Educativo schools that is the strongest in all the facets of health, including physical fitness, healthy nutrition, spiritual and mental balance.  This goal is ultimately for the entire country of Mexico.


Samir Becic with world renowned opera singer Olivia Gorra and James Demster
Samir Becic with world renowned opera singer Olivia Gorra and James Demster


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