Start Eating Healthy Young


Today, people are perpetually encouraged to eat healthy, and recent studies show that if you want your children to be healthy and to eat healthy, then you should start teaching them when they are young.  A series of studies published has found that improving what children eat should start before they learn to walk.

Previous studies have suggested that our taste preferences are molded and shaped during infancy. The study found that when infants had little and infrequent consumption of fruits and vegetables they were likely to have little and infrequent consumption of fruits and vegetables at age 6, and then throughout the rest of their lives.

In this series of studies, the researchers also found that children who consumed 2-3 sugar-sweetened beverages 3 times a week between the ages of 10 months to 12 months, were two times more likely to consume them at least once daily at age 6 and were also likely to be obese at age 6.

Overall, the article suggests that based on what we feed our children when they are younger will develop into their eating habits as adults.  It is already known that our children will model what they see in their parents and how their parents act so if the children see their parents eating healthy and they are being feed healthy food will they keep these behaviors throughout their  life span?  Parents should be aware of the food they are putting in to their child body. It shouldn’t be soda and sugar, children need a balance healthy diet and to ensure that their children live a long and healthy life, parents should start this process during infancy.

The package of 11 studies was published in the journal Pediatrics and was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, among others, read the full article at the NYTimes.


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