Thank You Mayor Turner for your Efforts during Harvey

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Houston’s Mayor Turner has probably not slept in the past 4 days as the city of Houston has been monumentally impacted by floods that have paralyzed the city of 6.5 million and displaced tens of thousands.

On Friday, Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane when it made landfall. Then as it was downgraded to a tropical storm, it stalled over Houston and has been dumping colossal amounts of rain over the Houston area, flooding major highways, streets, and countless homes. Some areas have seen more than two feet in some places – and it is not an understatement to say that every resident in the greater Houston area has been affected in some way by the storm.

Throughout this ordeal, our Mayor Tuner has remained poised and forward thinking in how he has managed the rescue efforts throughout Houston. He will continue doing what is best for Houstonians as the storm subsides and recovery begins.

An example of the Mayor’s big heart is evident in his promise to personally defend undocumented immigrants who be may hesitate in seeking help during this difficult time out of fear of deportation.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said he would represent any immigrant who faces deportation after seeking help during the storm relief efforts. His biggest concern is that the city is focus on helping those who have been stranded and in danger.

“There is absolutely no reason why anyone should not call. And I and others will be the first ones to stand up with you,” Turner, an attorney, told reporters on Monday. “If someone comes and they require help and then for some reason [someone] tries to deport them, I will represent them myself.”

“If you are in a stressful situation, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your religion is, I don’t care what your language is, you come and take advantage of every service that we have,” Turner added.

The city of Houston twitter account also sought to reassure immigrants who may be seeking shelter. It posted “We will not ask for immigration status or papers from anyone at any shelter,” the city said in a tweet late Monday night. “This rumor is FALSE!”

Health Fitness Revolution stands with Mayor Turner and the City of Houston!

Mayor Sylvester Turner with Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic

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